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    Smart solutions in packaging and handling


    We offer packaging and kits assembly services with excellent final quality, and with processes specially developed for your products. Our skilled team ensures fast, safe and loss-free service. We provide protection accessories and shims both for the safety of the product in the transport as for packaging process according to the needs of each customer and the specificities of each product.

    PACKAGING HUB (VMI - Vendor management Inventory)

    QPRO Packaging Hub converges handling, packaging, assembly line and storage into the same place, resulting in quality, less time and cost savings. For this, QPRO has a complete infrastructure, large and carefully designed spaces and a highly qualified team. QPRO Packaging Hub guarantees the following benefits for your business:
    • Prevents acquisition of new spaces for storage;
    • Freeing internal spaces for operations related to the customer's core business;
    • One supplier only being responsible for various processes, improving administrative efficiency;
    • More security for your inventory;
    • Integrated logistics process, ensuring more agility.


    QPRO produces, according to the needs of each customer and the specificities of each product, protection accessories and shims for both transport safety and packaging.


    We will also offer the verification of products or parts service, following the technical instructions of the customers.


    We are equipped to provide assembly of kits and subassemblies services.

    Get to know our shims and protections

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